Monday, November 20, 2006

Culinary School..FINALLY!

Ok people we know it's been a while, we know we're slackers, we know we got lives to do out of the blog world. But, I've sorta sworn not to post till I'm graduated so I can focus on my classes...HOWEVER, this is something special, and I've been told these people got talent, for all you people who burn toast and can't tell the differnece between a roast and a meat loaf (I pity you guys :P) this one is for you. Now seriously a group already vouched (spelling) on the skills of these people. So without further ado, The Umami Culinary School.. (Note: following has been copied from their advertisment).

Umami culinary school will finally open its doors onthe 2nd December. Our chef will teach you, how simpleit is to cook gourmet style meals in less than 30minutes. Whether it’s for you, or to impress others.We shall teach you how to become a pro at chopping,cooking and presenting food.

-How to prepare a balanced meal that is nutritious and delicious!

-Let us take you through a cultural tour around theworld’s cuisines. Whether, its: Thai, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and much more.

-Students will be taught the basic culinarytechniques;as to help them create any type of dish.

-Our classes are small (8 students max), relaxing andenjoyable. The students are encouraged to interact with the chef

-Our kitchen has state of the art equipment that has been customized especially for every students needs.

Attached are the types of classes we can provide you with, although early registration is advised since we work on first come basis. Our registers office shall be open daily: Sat-Thurs 20/11-30/11, from 10am to7pm.

For more info please contact this number: 660-5889 or email us:

Give them a look people, I'm drooling just reading this :P Good Luck on this semester :)